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PowerPoint Etiquette

"Power Pointers"

Jeff Muchmore, Muchmore Business Intelligence

Write want you want to say in “Headline Format”.  Give the audience a “tease”, possibly even bait them in with your bullets.  Do not write out the entire presentation on the screen.  It keeps the audience focused on the screen and not on the presenter.  This doesn’t look visually appealing and I’ve completely lost your attention as you try to read this.   

  Headline format

  Focus on speaker

  What’s coming next???

    The focus on the the three bullets above represent how the first paragraph might be depicted in a presenter focused presentation.  Your slides should support the presentation.  You (not your slides) are the presentation!

   PowerPoint “Etiquette”

     • Stay focused

     • Stay clean

Rule of 7

  PowerPoint “Etiquette”

    • Be consistent

Small “jumps” are noticeable

     • Be consistent
     Font differences
     Font size differences
     Title Case Differences
     Use caution when you cut & paste from different sources

      •  Edit, practice then edit & practice again.  Repeat as needed!


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