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Accessing Microsoft CRM Online in Internet Explorer 9

Accessing Microsoft CRM Online in Internet Explorer 9.0
when you receive the "unsupported security settings" message

Issue Overview:
You have upgraded to Internet Explorer 9.0
Your IE 9 settings are correct (CRM is listed as a "safe site" and ActiveX controls are enabled)
You attempt to log in to Microsoft CRM Online and receive the following message:

Unsupported Security Settings Microsoft CRM Online IE 9 resolution

"Unsupported Security Settings
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online requires that ActiveX controls be enabled. Your current security settings prevent this.
Enable ActiveX controls and try again.
In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options. Click the Security tab, and then click Custom Level. Under Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins, click the Enable button, and then click OK."

Short Term Resolution:
To access your system, simply replace the "_common/error/unsupportedSecurity" portion of the URL with the word "main":
To this URL and press enter:

Essentially, the error message in IE9 is being thrown incorrectly at log in.  You circumvent the error message by forcing the URL to direct you to the main page.  Since you are already logged in, you will be able to access CRM and your system will operate problem free.

Long Term Resolution:
I have notified Microsoft of this error... I am unaware of a long term solution from the client side.  One option is to save the corrected URL as a favorite and simply click the button again when you receive the "unsupported security settings" message.

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